about us

ko·ko·ro, n. 心  heart; mind; spirit, consciousness.

Kokoro is the Japanese word for heart. However, it carries more meaning than just the organ name. Kokoro means the true essence of one's Self resides not in the brain but in the Heart. Ancient Eastern traditions place the Heart as the prime ruler of the body. The Empress, King, or monarch, dutifully responsible for the health and coordination of the entire environment that we call our bodies. In English we may say, 'to speak from one's heart', or 'to have a heart-to-heart', when we imply we connect deeply with another person. 

At KokoroCare, we use natural healing modalities to treat a wide range of health issues. Our healing approach is always heart-centred. Our methods are based on time-honoured traditions; natural medicine with emphasis on a wholistic view of body, mind, and spirit.


what we treat


Muscle Pain & Arthritis

Acupuncture and massage therapy improves circulation, promotes greater range of motion, and provides relief to muscle pain. For arthritic pain, these treatments can slow disease progression, ease inflammation, improve flexibility and mobility. Whether it's acute pain from a recent trauma, chronic pain from an old injury, or pain from idiopathic reasons, acupuncture and massage therapy can be a source of relief for those who suffer from body pain.  


Natural medicine is a gentle method for strengthening and supporting digestion. Our treatments ease common disorders such as acid reflex, indigestion, bloating, cramping, IBS, poor appetite, chronic diarrhea, or constipation.  Digestive issues are often linked to other organ systems and an overload of stress in our lives. Our practitioners will work with you for slow, steady, meaningful progress while promoting deep healing and calmness for optimal digestive health.  

Stress & Mental Health

Stress is the common thread that unites all modern disease patterns. Whether you feel it or not, it is likely that stress is contributing at least indirectly to what woes you. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, obsessive compulsive disorders, and unfocused thinking patterns are all signs of mental stress. We help you manage stress with natural treatments to restore peace to your nervous system, while inviting you to surrender into deep relaxation in our space.

Fertility & Reproductive Health

Our natural treatments promote healthy functioning of reproductive hormones and organs. Treatments can help with painful, irregular, or absent menstruation, PMS, genitourinary diseases, and prostate health. Our treatments can improve fertility, alleviate common issues during pregnancy, and provide nourishing support for mother and child after childbirth. Additionally, treatments can help you manage symptoms of hormone imbalances typical during menopause and andropause. 


A powerful and responsive immune system provides the foundation for resilience against the ever present threat of pathogens that can make us ill. When we are our healthiest, we recover from illness quickly and heal completely. Frequently catching colds or flus, experiencing seasonal or food allergies, chronic low-grade infections, and auto-immune disorders are all signs that one's immune system is not preforming optimally. Our treatments will strengthen your immune system thus creating harmony with your surroundings.